Sunday, 11 May 2014

Previously on Instagram ...

You may have seen it on Instagram already, but I felt I needed to give you an update on the last weeks' highlights. So here's a little visual diary: I went to Munich and admired the Saint Laurent store – sadly work duties did not leave any time to actually go inside. But instead I payed the Hermès showroom (and some beautiful Bandana scarves) a visit. When I came "home" to my hotel room late in the evening, there was a nice surprise waiting: Macarons (which made for a good midnight feast). This week I had the pleasure of going to London for a day, I strolled around Mayfair, Soho, Liberty and Selfridges and I checked out the fairly new Isabel Marant boutique, which is absolutely beautiful! After a hectic week, this weekend is all about recreation: macha tea, raw chocolate, magazines, cake and coffee. I'll tell you more about the newest additions to my wardrobe soon (cues: Acne jeans, perfect pumps, new sunnies).

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