Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ciao, Bella!

Ah, bella Roma, how lovely it was to see you! Such a sweet taste of summer! A long weekend of la dolce vita! Okay, okay,  I'll stop already. But I need to share some of the amazing things you need to enjoy (watch out, pun!) when in Rome: have ice cream at Giolitti - it's the best! Every flavour is amazing (I tried coconut, watermelon, pistachio, caramel and dark chocolate and every one was to die for). Have espresso in a coffee bar for 90 Cent a cup. Walk everywhere (no bus, metro or subway necessary). Come Aperitivo hour make sure you find yourself on a rooftop (with a bar). Appreciate the architecture and art.
By the way, we stayed in this Guesthouse (which we can highly recommend).

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