Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New season wishlist

I'll admit it, I've started the new season shopping (a delicious faux-fur coat, if you must know). And since the autumn collections are arriving in stores anyway (no matter how beautiful the summer weather), I thought I might as well share my fashion wishlist for the new season with you. From top to bottom: wool cape by Burberry, knot cuff by Sophie by Sophie, sweater by Stella McCartney (try to tie-dye that one at home), faux-fur coat by Shrimps (I love all of the Shrimps coats!), boyfriend jeans with rhinestones by Zara, "Sac de jour" by Saint Laurent (still drooling over this one), and booties by Isabel Marant. I could add a classic "Scandinavian style" knitted sweater, but I am still deciding on the exact design, which I will then ask my mother to knit for me. ;)

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