Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fragrance love: Verveine

Let's talk about home fragrances. Seriously, why only focus on your body – doesn't your home equally deserve to smell nice? My obsession with room perfumes and scented candles began when I walked into a little boutique in Aix-en-Provence and it smelled so incredibly nice that I wanted to stay in there for hours. I found out that the scent was a fig perfume. Since then I have been using fig room perfume, fig scented candles, soap, liquid soap ... (I highly recommend the one by Savon de Marseille) and I never got tired of it. But currently I'm in the mood for something a little fresher. Enter Verveine. I love its slightly herbal, refreshing scent! My new favourites: Marseille soap from the market, the Diptyque Verveine candle, bath products by Acqua di Stresa and - an oldy but goldy – the Nesti Dante "Romantica" liquid soap. Give it a try! 

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