Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Smells like teen spirit

Despite all retro fashions and nostalgia I was never the one who attended 90's parties or was secretly hoping for 90's trends to return (I always preffered the 20's and 60's anyway). On the contrary, I was more than glad that the times of neon techno looks, cropped shirts and Buffalo platform sneakers were over. But I have to admit that something's changed for me this year ... It might have started with Dries van Noten's hommage to Kurt Cobain – which was definitely the cause for the fashion world revisiting the 90's – and it quietly led to me listening to the soundtrack and watching the films of my teens again (it wasn't all bad, was it?), a reviving interest in my old Doc Marten's boots (I've kept them all those years) and the occasional reaching for my boyfriend's checked shirts – and I even enjoyed a 90's party very much. Along with all this I have also rediscovered the classic scent of the 90's which I used to wear every day back then: ck one. Remember it? I am glad there was still something left in the bottle.

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