Monday, 18 March 2013

Travel notes: Paris

Ahhh, I want to go back already. I had a wonderful long weekend in Paris - including many extensive strolls (mainly around Saint Germain, Le Marais and along the Seine), several Espressos in classic brasseries, delicious French pastries and desserts (I had the best salted caramel ice cream I could imagine. It was dreamlike! If you ask, I will tell you where you can find it ...), stops at Isabel Marant, Ladurée (of course - who could resist these dreamy pastels?), Merci and many many small boutiques, and even some sunshine. We stayed at Villa d'Estrees, which I wholly recommend. During our wanderings around the plenty alleyways of Paris I made some great discoveries some of which I will tell you about later. Stay tuned. ;) ... The only difficult moment on this trip was when I went to a Louis Vuitton boutique and they actually still had the Sofia Coppola bag I have been lusting after for years! I held it for a precious moment and then handed it back to the shop assistant (innerly in tears). Maybe, some day ...


  1. We want to know where to find the salted daramel ice cram!!!! : ) i'm goong to paris in may. Can't wait!!

  2. It was in a small restaurant in Saint-Germain called "La Jacobine". They also had 70% cocoa chocolate sorbet and pistachio ice cream which I would have loved to try as well. The salad "Vegetarienne" was also great. ;)

  3. Sounds delicious!! Have to try it (in case i find this small restaurant) Thank you!