Saturday, 21 April 2012

German Press Days A/W 2012 – Part 1

Yesterday I visited the German Press Days in Berlin to have a look at the collections for autumn/winter 2012. As always it was a lot of fun, but also quite exhausting to run from one agency to another. I saw many many amazing designs and can't wait for them to hit the stores in summer (Ah, I want them now!). Above you can see my favourites. From top to bottom: 1) knitted headwear by Kiss, 2) and 3) new pieces by Thu Thu, 4) and 5) Rika, 6), 7) and 8) Lala Berlin (I loved the chunky knitwear and the printed jeans), 9) and 10) the Lillet Bar at K-MB (Lillet's my favourite drink at the moment. Try it with tonic water, mint, cucumber and a strawberry), 11) another printed pair of jeans, this one is by Vans, and 12) a transparent dress which would look great paired with skinny jeans.
Part 2 of my Press Day highlights will follow later.
Here you can see my favourites from the spring collections.

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