Saturday, 12 February 2011

Neon Pink

One of my favourite trends of the coming spring season are neon bright colours (not in a Eurotrash/90s way but much more sophisticated, combined with elegant, feminine pieces). Since I'm usually all for grey and black, I think I will begin with brightly coloured socks and nail polish, and then (maybe) I'll move forward step by step. But I've already found some pink pieces that I really like and that I can easily combine with my grey wardrobe (maybe that's the infectious effect of my new purse). In the picture: Bag, bracelets and necklace by Kate Spade (isn't the bag amazing? And the necklace?!), lipstick by Dior, shoes by Asos, jeans and silk shirt by Topshop. Illustration by the fabulous Kris Atomic.

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