Saturday, 24 July 2010

Grey suede boots

Is it too early to buy shoes for autumn? Well, it's been raining all of yesterday and all of today, maybe that's why I could not resist these beautiful suede ankle boots (by Cox) when I went into the city this afternoon to get a Diana film developed (they don't develop films in shoe shops? - Well!). And, you know what, they're very comfortable. I cannot wait to wear them with dresses, skinny jeans, shorts, ... I've got a feeling they'll look good with anything.
I usually prefer smooth leather (because I think it might be less damageable), but these are actually my third pair of suede heels.
What else am I wearing? A scarf from LalaBerlin, a men's denim shirt, a belt from Topshop.


  1. I love the shoes! They are so lovely :)

  2. those shoes are awesome. wish they were mine :/

  3. good photos!
    i love your blog!!!