Friday, 7 May 2010

White space

Here are some pictures that, combined, show you what the appartment of my dreams would look like (plus all my little things, souvenirs and weird collectibles). Well, ideally, I'd have more than one appartment, of course, so that I can realise all my interior-design aspirations - I'll show you more ideas later.

Pictures via KLM Design

Pictures via the amazing blog Lobster & Swan, which is an inexhaustible source of brilliant ideas.

Every time I go to an antique market I look for an old wooden drawer but my search hasn't been successful yet.Pictures via Greige Design.

I love the lamps in this appartment. Pictures found here

Obviously, I'd need space for the millions of drawings, illustrations and prints I own. Picture from here.

For more inspiration check out Bliss - beautiful beautiful photos.

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  1. Beautiful pictures & ideas! I wonder why I like sparrows so much, like the one in the fourth picture :-)