Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Alexa Chung for Madwell

I was bound to love Alexa Chung's new collection for Madwell (given that I adore everything she wears and the promising teaser video), so why why don't they ship to Germany??! Above: my favourite pieces from her collection (I won't go into detail – it's too painful).
But maybe you can help – does anybody know where I can get a huge tartan scarf as in the above photo?


This is (part of) my wishlist for autumn/winter 2011: a silk blouse like this one by Schumacher (available here), an angora sweater – this one is by Acne – in grey or powder colour, a biker jacket by Muubaa, metallic bag by Zara, and a coral Beanie like this one by American Vintage. I'd pair it all with skinny jeans and boots (these Acne-lookalikes are by Topshop).

Monday, 26 September 2011

Walk of Fame

Beside some French delis ("Confiture Figue de Provence", for instance, hmmm) I brought home these totally amazing shoes by Anniel. They're blue velvet with silver stars (how cool is that?). I had to decide between these and another pair which was made of Leo fur. When I looked it up on their website I found a third pair, which is just Wow - it sparkles. And there can never be enough sparkle.

De retour - Aix-en-Provence

I am back from my lovely holiday in France. I won't boast with too many photos, let me just say: it was pretty much as perfect as it could have been. Sunshine, red wine, tasty food, Pastis (see photo), narrow streets with charming cafés, secluded bays, little mountain villages with nooks and crannies, lovely French people, the sweetest kitten in the world, ... alright, I'll stop.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Au revoir

I am off to the South of France for one week to escape the German rain. A bientôt, mes amis!
Picture via BesottedBrand

Thursday, 8 September 2011

For my gallery

I know what my appartment is still missing: a geometric/ psychedelic graphic design print. Here are the candidates (from top to bottom): "Faux Crystals" by Ana Montiel, "Landscape Painting" by Russell Leng, "Cosmic Mantra" by Ana Montiel, "Nest" by Bold & Noble. I think I already have a favourite.


Maybe it all started with the tiny silver bracelet that my parents gave me when I was still a toddler (it had my name and date of birth engraved) – whenever I see a delicate, ornate bracelet I fall in love instantly. My objects of desire: bird and heart bracelets by Pliet S.H. (this is the matching necklace), star bracelet by Arena Copenhagen, bracelets on the right by Scosha. Mhh ... which one?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What I'll Wear ...

I know what I'll be wearing this autumn and winter (all the time): cosy, knitted jumpers (I have already found some perfect examples) paired with silky shirts. I can't wait!
Pictures via Facehunter, Hanneli, Alexa.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Night sky

Talking of these silver jeans ... They are still available in my size at Topshop, and I am very tempted. Other beauties I am lusting after: Miu Miu dark glitter shoes (available here), scarf by Faliero Sarti (seen here) – it's PERFECT! I'll be dreaming of it tonight! –, blouse by Stella McCartney, knuckle ring by Catbird, Alexa bag in its most amazing version EVER!